Endpoint Security Monitoring

A fully managed service, providing 24/7 monitoring and response capability.

Deployed via agents to endpoints (workstations, laptops, servers) the service analyses your endpoint
telemetry and alerts using a cloud-based detection engine with behavioural analytics.

Provides protection against advanced threats, such as ransomware attacks.

Activity logs generated by your IT environment are filtered and analysed by both artificial intelligence and human analysis.

The alerts you receive, are actual threats that require immediate action by your IT team.

Incident Response

Post breach incident response support for any IT environment.

Option A: Technical analysis performed by our managed detection & response solution, to help you identify the source of the breach and initiate remediation actions.

Option B: Crisis management support at senior management level, provided by our CEO and offering strategic direction and advice to deal with the incident internally (staff, systems) and externally (clients, third parties, public relations).

The combination of these two options is possible and ensures a rounded response service for any crisis.

Operational Technology (OT) Security Monitoring

A detection and analysis platform for critical infrastructures, operational and industrial control systems.

Provides non-intrusive monitoring of distributed networks, detecting threats or changes in topology and system behavior.

Can be deployed at a central location to provide threat detection for multiple remote sites, or locally at each remote site.

Integration of security alerts both within an internal IT environment, or an external SOC/SIEM.

Vulnerability Management Platform

Provides the ability to automatically detect vulnerabilities and critical misconfigurations for a wide range of endpoints, devices, operating systems and applications.

Enables organisations to automatically discover every IT asset in their environment, including unmanaged assets appearing on the network as well as an inventory of all hardware and software.

Allows the prioritisation and automation of patch deployment across an organisation’s entire IT estate.

Turns patching processes that would normally take weeks into hours.

Threat Intelligence Platform

A cloud-based platform that scans the internet and the dark web 24/7 detecting the fraudulent use of an organization’s brand names, websites, email domains or online operations.

Provides the ability to obtain intelligence from the dark web and underground forums for potential organised criminal activity toward people and assets or compromise of user details (e.g., accounts and passwords used by staff members or senior executives).

It allows an organisation to act upon against identified threats and alert the authorities to initiate a take-down request for illegal or fraudulent online operations.

Secure Cloud Sharing (files and emails)

A cloud-based platform that provides secure file sharing within your organisation, as well as external sharing with third parties.

Integrates with your existing email solution to provide a virtual data room, that allows the secure use (read/edit/watermark) of attachments.

With the use of cloud based virtual data folders, you can share highly sensitive data with external organisations from different countries, retaining full control and securing the data shared.

Enables normal users to share information quickly and securely, through their existing email interface.

Provides an great degree of oversight and control to what happens to shared files (inc. who has viewed what and for how long)